TOUCHÉ High Volume&Definition Mascara

TOUCHÉ High Volume&Definition Mascara is your winning flutter of eyelashes!
The specially developed creamy texture of the mascara provides the lashes with a spectacular, daring super-volume, giving the look courage and expressiveness! The incredibly flexible formula allows you to apply mascara on your lashes layer by layer, achieving the desired result from natural daytime makeup to a bright expressive look.
The secret to success is that the flexible and elastic silicone brush of the Touché mascara is carefully selected for super-precise separation and even spreading of the mascara along the entire length.
Not only does the brush apply mascara on the lashes, but also lifts them, making the glance wide open and the look even more spectacular.
* Touché (French) is a striking stab inflicted by a fencer on an opponent.

ART РБ482-20