RELOUIS PRO Makeup Fixing Spray 3 in 1

Multifunctional makeup fixing spray with green tea aroma allows you to evenly apply and blend the foundation, provides excellent makeup fixation for the whole day, and prevents it from rolling off. It instantly refreshes your skin and makeup and has a quick-drying non-sticky texture. Betaine in the spray composition has active moisturizing properties and relieves irritation.

1.To prepare the skin: apply the spray on clean skin to moisturize and prepare it for makeup

2. To fix makeup: fix makeup in the process of its creation or at the end

3. For refreshing throughout the day: spray any time to refresh your makeup or skin.

Close your eyes and apply the spray evenly to your whole face from a distance of 15-20 cm
• Guaranteed long-lasting makeup
• Moisturizing the skin with betaine
• Fine spraying
• Light green tea aroma
• Alcohol, parabens and D5 free
• Vegan Friendly – does not contain components of animal