Relouis pro HD powder

Fixing trasparent face powder

Fixation and long wearability

Special absorbing components, being a part of the powder, absorb sebum, thus preventing appearance of oily shine. They fixate your make-up and make it long-wear.


Translucent powder is applied with a thin layer without bleaching your face. It makes the powder multipurpose. The powder is suitable for tanned skin in summer and for fair skin in winter, it goes with any concealer shade and is suitable for any skin undertones and any color of complexion type.

Beautiful skin:

Spherical particles of the high-definition (HD) powder, smooth the texture of your skin, making it look like it was edited in Photoshop, they make small blemishes less visible and give your face a lux effect of matte and cared-for skin without weighing and use of too much powder.

Skin care:

Natural tapioca starch, being a part of the powder, retains moisture and prevents skin dryness.

Paraben and perfume-free

Closing dispenser:

Now it’s convenient to carry loose powder with you!

art. rb 761-18