01 blonde
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01 blonde

• Eyebrow powder formula approved by makeup artists serves two purposes. It both makes the lines fine, and allows for creating shade gradation in your eyebrows.

• Unbelievably delicate and creamy powder texture can be easily and precisely applied, leaving no untouched space or surface imperfection.

• Fine pigment particles make the color deep and vibrant.

• Every shade has a lighter and a darker part that helps add extra volume to the eyebrows. The lighter shade is intended for the inner end of the eyebrow, while the darker one is to be used for the outer end.

• Botanical oils provide for the product feeling comfortable on the skin. Vitamin E has a strong antioxidant effect, it smoothens and protects the skin.

• Paraben, fragrance, mineral oil, and D5 free

• Vegan Friendly, because it has no products of animal origin.

• Non tested on animals.

art. rb 763-18