11 December 2017


On sale from December 11th to January 7th in the Relouis brand store.

The box costs 38.60 rubles.

Meet 10 full-size products and 5 gift items, with a Christmas card in every box.

  • Alta Moda mascara
  • Lip Lacquer lacquer lip gloss (shade at your choice);
  • Eyeliner (shade at your choice);
  • Relouis Pro highlighter (shade at your choice);
  • Alta Moda lipstick (shade at your choice);
  • Nail Accent nail polish (shade at your choice);
  • Relouis Pro matte/satin eye shadows (shade at your choice);
  • Coloring eyebrow gel (shade at your choice);
  • Relouis Pro sculptor;
  • “Yummy” hygienic lipstick.

And, of course, 5 products as a gift:

  • Glitter Collection mascara;
  • Complimenti shade 04 powder tester;
  • Complimenti shade 01 foundation tester;
  • La Mia Italia lip gloss tester;
  • Blusher in balls tester Soft Shade Professional shade 04.

Relouis New Year box will be the best gift for you and your loved ones!