26 December 2017


Every girl wants to be attractive, especially on New Year’s Eve. Good mood and confidence can be brought by a bright outfit, pleasant surprise and, of course, fabulous holiday make-up. RELOUIS reveals five essential tips for stylish New Year make-up, which will make your holiday unforgettable.


Healthy and glowing skin has been on trend for some seasons now. RELOUIS PRO compact highlighter will make your face expressive and glowing, a little more voluminous, and will create the effect of attractive delicate glow. This product has incredibly soft texture, is well pigmented and easily applied. Using the strobing technique of, apply with a brush on:

  • cheekbones;
  • back of the nose;
  • inner corners of the eyes;
  • line under the eyebrow;
  • cupid area (counter of the upper lip);
  • chin dimple.

For New Year make-up, we recommend that you apply the highlighter on the cheekbones more carefully to make them more expressive.


Metallic effect on the lips – this is for sure the main trend of 2018. Lipsticks can be matte or glossy, but the main thing is that they have metallic shine. This can be made with liquid lipstick RELOUIS Heavy Metal, which combines 2 opposite effects – metallic shine and matte finish. In this way, the lips look festive and luxurious. We recommend applying Heavy Metal lipstick separately or in combination with RELOUIS TRUE MATTE Complimenti matt liquid lipstick. Firstly, apply the matte lipstick, and then apply Heavy Metal lipstick in the center of the lip with patting movements. It will make the lips look even more voluminous and attractive. And for those who like glossy lips, apply lipstick Heavy Metal, and then lip gloss with mirror effect RELOUIS FASHION GLOSS.


In the middle of the celebration, you may have no time to fix the make-up, and you would not want to think about it all the time. So as not to spoil your mood, use RELOUIS Emotion Proof water-proof mascara. With this mascara, the makeup will stay ideal during the New Year night, whether it is a hot party or Christmas celebration in the snow. Mascara is easily removed by any two-phase removing product.


The coming 2018 is the year of Yellow Dog, so the most suitable makeup shade is gold. Use RELOUIS PRO metallic eye shadow in the shade of 53 oh my gold! to give bright shine to your eyes. These eye shadows have soft and silky texture, and are perfectly put on a brush and easily shaded on the skin. Applying eye shadows with your finger pads, you can get a deeper and more vibrant shade.


Primer has for a long time been a must-have for those who know everything about make-up and a little more. This product, being a kind of protective barrier between skin and cosmetics, facilitates even distribution of foundations, prolongs the persistence of make-up in general and helps to make the makeup colors more vibrant. It is the New Year’s party when make-up should be long-wear and bright! Use RELOUIS Prime Step primer, before using the foundations and RELOUIS Color Designer Professional base for eye shadows before applying eye makeup. With such products, your makeup will give you joy during the New Year’s Night.

Makeup artist: Alesya Gmir, product-marketing expert of RELOUIS BEL